Reset & Recovery

A Weekend of Healing

December 3-5, 2021

Reset & Recovery Weekend

This transformative weekend will look at issues related to stress and trauma and provide healing modalities on how to heal and connect back to spirit again. Hosted by The School of Yoga and led by teachers who are highly skilled in their craft, this weekend will focus on understanding the root cause of what is creating our stress and offer practices on how to heal.

This weekend will start off with deep relaxation on yogi nidra led by Cristina Holopainen, who will discuss the importance of good sleep and maintaining the relaxation response.

Saturday, Jill Ippolito, who runs UpRising Yoga in Los Angeles, an organization that offers yoga to incarcerated youth, men, and women, will discuss the effects of trauma and how it impacts the brain and can lead to addictions and chronic stress. She will provide information on how to be of service and bring communities together to help and support those suffering from trauma.

In the afternoon, Joan Hyman will discuss how yoga can have an impact on healing trauma, addictions, and anxiety and introduces a grounding and introspective practice to end the day.

Marla Apt, a certified iyengar teacher, will lead Sunday's session and discuss how certain yoga practices can elevate our mood and heal depression. She will end this weekend with a practice that was given to her by her teacher, BKS Iyengar.

You can take the whole weekend or chose to purchase individual sessions. All sessions will be recorded for you to view later. This is a ten hour module supported by The School of Yoga and open to anyone looking to learn more about these topics and heal from their own pain and trauma.

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Join us for the whole weekend, or sign up for individual sessions.
All sessions will be held virtually through zoom. Even if you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time.

$140 After 11.5.21
$100 for SOY students
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Your weekend Plans


Yoga nidra

with Cristina Holopainen

7 - 8 pm PST

  • Yoga for Better Sleep

  • If there’s one thing to address that can make the healthiest impact in your life in these times, it’s getting better sleep. Cristina will take you through a one-hour immersive understanding of the science of sleep with practical applications from preparing for sleep for optimal sleeping positions for a true night’s healing rest.

  • This session includes a lecture, hand-outs, a restorative practice with a yoga nidra closing.

$20 After 11.5.21
$12 for SOY students
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saturday • DECEMBER 4, 2021

Trauma & support

with Jill Ippolito

9-11 am PST

  • Transforming Trauma Through Yoga with a Focus on Addiction and Mental Health.

  • Discussion on stress, trauma and the brain

  • Learn trauma-informed skills and how to deal with addiction.

  • Understand the foundations for providing a trauma-informed classroom utilizing. sequencing, cueing, and language.

  • How to develop relationships with institutions and create a space for a trauma informed class room.

  • How to create a self-care program for caregivers.

  • Understanding where service works best for you, triggers and personal healing.

$40 After 11.5.21
$25 for SOY students
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Saturday • DECEMBER 4TH

Grounding Yoga

with Joan Hyman

11am - 1pm

  • Healing Anxiety and Stress with Yoga.

  • Defining anxiety and understanding the effects of chronic stress on the nervous system.

  • Recognizing worry and understanding how to hold space for yourself and others and tend to your anxiety.

  • Cultivating a practice that helps to ground and heal stress.

  • This session will close with a full grounding and quieting practice led by Joan.

$40 After 11.5.21
$25 for SOY students
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Uplift yourself with yoga

with marla apt

11am-1pm PST

  • Uplift yourself by yourself, do not deprecate yourself. For only you are your friend, and only you are your enemy.” – The Bhagavad Gita

  • The yoga system outlines a technology to uplift oneself from physical, mental and emotional suffering to fight internal and external battles.

  • In this workshop we will explore how asana can empower us to elevate ourselves from within.

  • With the guidance of BKS Iyengar, Marla conducted research through the Neuropsychiatric Institute of UCLA on the effects of yoga for depression which she will share during this workshop.

  • Understand how to work with our mood from a yogic perspective.

  • Marla will close this session with a therapeutic practice targeted towards uplifting the mood.

$60 After 11.5.21
$40 for SOY students
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"You will leave this weekend with practices to help you create a safe place for healing and give you the tools to recognize trauma in your students or those you love and help you hold space for them to heal."


Enjoy all the classes over the whole weekend. Even if you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time.

$140 After 11.5.21
$100 for SOY students
Email Joan for promo code


Cristina Holopainen

Cristina Holopainen’s teaching focuses on the healing benefits of the practice with sequences and classes build on precise instructions while creating a nurturing and safe place to explore for her students.

She is a co-founder and teacher at Urban Ashram and she is currently focusing on teaching older adults, sleep and posture clinics and the business of yoga courses through the School of Yoga. In 2011, she completed her RYT-200 with YogaWorks under Joan Hyman is completing her RYT-500 with SmartFLOW under Annie Carpenter.

She has been consistently teaching sleep sessions to teachers, work-from-home workers, business leaders and older adults both in person in New Zealand and online via Urban Ashram and The School of Yoga for the last 2 years.

Jill Ippolito

Jill Weiss Ippolito is the founder and CEO of Yoga For Healing Trauma and the internationally known nonprofit UpRising Yoga. Jill is a trauma informed yoga educator and coach, and has experienced first hand the healing power of yoga. Jill leads Trauma Informed Yoga Trainings globally, and is a writer, consultant, motivational speaker and program developer.

As the executive director of UpRising Yoga, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that focuses on juvenile detention facilities and teaches yoga life skills to "system involved youth" and communities, probation officers, mental health professionals and many marginalized individuals. UpRising Yoga established over 40 consistent yoga classes a month in diverse communities and municipal organizations across Southern California and 18 drop in centers for unhoused youth. Jill mentors and offers coaching in private and groups online.

Jill remains on the forefront of the effort to change probation culture from punitive to restorative by being a vocal advocate to reform the juvenile justice system in California. In addition to developing a specific yoga curriculum, Jill has educated hundreds of yoga instructors, childcare providers, mental health professionals, and educators through her Trauma Informed Yoga Trainings.

These trainings have become part of a mandatory curriculum for many probation officers who work with incarcerated youth. She is a contributing author to the Yoga Service Council’s book series, “Best Practices for Yoga In The Criminal Justice System” and "Best Practices For Yoga In Addictions and Recovery", 'Embodied Resilience Through Yoga' as well as a contributing writer for LA Yoga Magazine. She is embarking on writing a book after being told “you should write a book” a million times!

Joan Hyman

Joan Hyman’s grounded teaching style seamlessly supports her students as they emerge from their practice with the rich and bright energy that yoga has to offer. Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the combined studies of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga as well as Ayurveda and meditation.

An authentic modern-day yogi, Joan's love and devotion show up in her practice and throughout her teaching, you will leave her class feeling transformed and deeply aligned. Joan spent fifteen years as a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher before bringing her expertise to Wanderlust as the Director of Teacher Trainings in 2016. Recently she has started The School of Yoga, which is an ongoing three hundred hour teacher training program along with a foundational 200 Hour teacher training called Elements of Yoga. She is currently running modules and trainings online, and once boarders open will be back traveling the world again and offering her trainings worlwide!

Joan’s open-hearted approach to teaching yoga keeps both her inner spirit and her students continuously evolving.

Marla Apt

Marla, a Senior level Iyengar Yoga teacher was highlighted by Yoga Journal magazine as one of twenty-one yoga teachers helping to shape the future of yoga.

Marla visited India for the first time while doing research for a degree in Buddhist Philosophy and has since returned numerous times for yoga studies, including a year of study in Pune, India with B.K.S. Iyengar, his daughter, Geeta Iyengar and son, Prashant Iyengar.

Marla served the Iyengar Yoga community as President of both the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States and Southern California Association. She also served as as a member of the national certification committee for over 12 years. She was honored in 2013 by the Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California with a Community Leadership award.

In 2019, Marla developed the Ethical Guidelines to Prevent Verbal Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Physical Abuse for all Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers in the United States. She is continuing to work with the National Association to expand ethics training for its certified teachers.

Marla has been involved with medical research studies at UCLA on yoga for depression, anxiety and IBS and created the first yoga therapy content to be incorporated into the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine’s curriculum. She has been a writer/contributor for Yoga Journal and other periodicals.

She is pursuing her interest in making the healing benefits of yoga available to communities in need as a founding board member of the non-profit organization, Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics (IYT). In addition to providing free therapeutic yoga, IYT offers continuing education in yoga therapy topics for teachers. Based in Los Angeles, Marla conducts teacher training, leads workshops and retreats and presents at conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Enjoy all the classes over the whole weekend. Even if you can't make it to class, the sessions will be recorded so you can experience them on your own time. This will be ten hours for the students in The School of Yoga. Message Joan for promo code and to credit hours.

$140 After 11.5.21
$100 for SOY students
Email Joan for promo code

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